How to remove hard water stains from toilet bowel?

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Our toilet just often stuff mineral stains or hot water here and down in there and are just not coming out. How to remove those disgusting things? Let's show how to get rid of mineral stains in a toilet here.

 First of all, you need to get the water out of the toilet. You can use a plunger here and water will just try to soak up as much the rest of it as you can with a towel. Well, then, get vinegar there, preparing a cleaning vinegar, a regular distilled vinegar will be fine. But you can also use a 6% acidity where regular distilled vinegar is about 5%, so it's just slightly more acidic. After then to dump some vinegar in the toilet bowel, toric covers up the stains down in there and a little bit more with the heck


Take care of stains down there to work and work on this part so what you need to do is to take toilet paper, soak it in the vinegar and then apply it to these things around toilet bowel, making sort of giant spit wads with the vinegar.

Okay, now just go ahead and leave that to sit and try some rubbing on a little bit later.

Had the soaking overnight, scrubbing periodically in toilet bowel with a brush and you'll find a lot of hard water stains all loosened up in there and, go ahead to pull the toilet paper off. Scrub around the rim of toilet there. You can see it's already start to come off there.

After one full application, if there's still a bit more there and down there, just go ahead and reapply some toilet paper with vinegar and do some more scrubbing and all that should come out~

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