Know how to repair common home plumbing problems yourself

In every house, supply lines, drainage lines and ventilation consist of home plumbing system.

Supply lines: Supply lines carry the water to every outlet in the home: sinks, tubs, toilets, washing machines, and so forth.

Drainage lines: The drainage lines carry waste and water to the septic tank or the main sewer line. The drainage line simply connects sinks, tubs, toilets, washing machines, and the like, away from the home.

Ventilation lines: Ventilation lines tie into your drainage lines and help the pipes hold the proper pressure or vacuum. Without ventilation lines, you drains will work properly. 

how to cut the water off

You can first to find the water meter. Usually, the meter is housed in the ground and has a large manhole cover. You can use a wrench or other tools to turn the nut on the meter. Otherwise, a cut off valve may under the home, close to the water hose connection. Look around the back door or on the front of the home close to the end. Lastly, there may be a cut off valve at the water heater. 

water leaks

It most likely for toilet leaks. Check the tank for issues. If water draining down the overflow tube while the tank is full, it means the fill valve is not working properly. Check the chain to make sure it is straight and not hooked to anything. Check the flapper seal as well. They are wear out and get warped.

low or no water pressure

The first possibility may be the faucet aerator which could need a good cleaning or to be replaced. Second to replace the pressure reducing valve. Additionally, lime, rust and scale buildup stuck in galvanized pipes (if you have) could be causing the low pressure.


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