Maintenance Tips for bathroom vanity

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OTOL, engaged in the filed of sanitary ware, has more than 20 years experience, here in which introduce some common settlement of clearing dirt stain from a bathroom vanity.


Bathroom vanity differ from other ceramic sinks or faucets, which cannot be flushed directly with water. To avoid water and corrosion of vanity, you d better wipe with a soft rag. Moreover, the PH of cleaning agent is also an important factor on the maintenance of a bathroom vanity. Neutral detergent is the best cleaner, which can be seen everywhere, eg., the abandoned toothpaste.


Water Stains

Cover with a damp rag on the stain of vanity, with iron carefully pressing, water stains can disappear.

Hot Marks

In general, wiping with alcohol, perfume and kerosene would be dealt with it.

Scratch of Ceramic Basin

Ceramic basin surface should be kept clean basically, and sand or dust should swptt away in time so not to damage the basin surface. While there some scratch on the surface of basin sink, apply some toothpaste and wipe witha soft cloth repeatedly, with finally polishing.

Scratch on Artificial Stone

To use 800# sandpaper or scouring pad with water to wipe on the scratch gently could be done.

Burn Marks

If the paint surface be burnt, wrapped in a layer of fine lines in a stiff cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, coke mark can be eliminated.

White Print

To remove whit print, smearing with a mixture of soot and lemon juice with a cloth to wipe on the white print.

Hey there, our vanity come back to life!



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