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OTOL Faucets strictly comply with Australia Watermark Standard. Made of non-toxic materials, higher quality DR brass, which is slightly heavier and it has a very high tolerance when water is caustic. Solid DR brass construction with electroplated high quality finish, complete reliability. World renown Spanish Sedal ceramic cartridge and Neoperl cascade aerator are assembled together to provide you an easy temperature and warer flow transition.

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Carlow Kitchen Mixer


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Bathroom Basin Sink


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Bathroom Shower Enclosure

OTOL MDF Vavnity

Strong waterproof, anti-corrosion, mildew proof, non-toxic, non-radioactive, anti ultraviolet, etc.


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Use the technique of buffers to slow down the falling track of toilet cover seat, completely eliminate noise, mute design, making an absolutely comfortable and enjoyable, quiet life for your family.


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OTOL Toilet: 

Completely glazed, smooth drain pipe, flush with superior functionality, decrease causes of clog and allow the water to drain freely.


Humanization design concept

OTOL sanitary ware, with the concept of humanity and intelligentization,      constantly develop healthy and user-friendly products, caring for your health, caring for your home life.

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