Starbucks Coffee=Cancer? Here the truth is!

Yesterday, a spam shows your social network up, doesn't it? Popping up Starbucks Coffee contains carcinogens!

Yes, that's the Starbucks you know, that's the cancer you know also!

Originated from a report on the Wall Street Journal on March 30th, as well as the Associated Press, Reuters, and other Media.

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Coffee poses a risk because it contains the chemical

acrylamide, but how can you imagine there is bigger

risk in our life??? We drink water everyday, you know,

water is the source of our life. However, water comes

out of the tap, further more, faucets materials influence

our life, do you know?


Faucets that contains a high level of lead will cause a change of adverse health effects. It is harmful to the babies and children especially, as the exposure to lead in drinking

water above the action level can result in delays in physical and mental development, which affect their attention span and learning abilities. For the adults, increase in blood

pressure can be found and could develop kidney problems.

Therefore, material used in faucet is one of important criteria to be considered when purchasing a faucet.

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